Nocturnal Daylight Dream Time

I sat up all night last night 

pen in hand responding

to the wind rap rap rap

rose bush rub tune rub 

against window whip

snap a slide along

branches of 2 young 

Cottonwood trees I

have raised since they 

stood a foot tall now reach

101 feet beyond breath

of Pachamama Herself


I saw understood how beautiful

she moves in crescendo fashion at play 

smooooth Ehecatl wind rush along

pedestal green leaved branches 

brush one another thinking yea brother

thanks for saving us from the landlords 

narrow minded electric power saw 

mentality arms open wide night flow 

offering sacred tobacco smoke  

sagebrush-burn cedar red tattoo 

cornmeal true I close my eyes see

everything on approaching daylight


the city sleeps cannot will not abandon 

the truth about themself Earth Mother 

reaps a loving sunrise embrace She writes 

the book about Herself in one easy stroke….


                                                     Aztatl X


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