“Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados” – September 19 – Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado

Neva Romero


“Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados”, is a documentary film about a 21-year-old University of Colorado undergraduate who was killed, along with two other Chicano activists, in a car bomb in May of 1974 at the Colorado Chautauqua. Forty-eight hours later another car bomb rocked the Boulder community, killing three more Chicano activists elsewhere in Boulder. The events of these two nights forever altered the Chicano Rights Movement and the questions surrounding their deaths have never been answered. No one was ever convicted. “Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados,” is the story of a group of committed young activists working toward social justice, and one young woman’s struggle to make a difference during a period of collective turmoil.

Director Nicole Esquibel will give an introduction as well conduct a talkback after the screening.

A portion of tonight’s proceeds will benefit the Neva Arlene Romero Scholarship Fund.

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