Little Mexico

Little Mexico




way before

wild dog speech we the

cousins of Coyote and Wolf

canciones mariachi nortenas

might fade from sight 

dissolve in rear view mirror 

blue highway north recalling


los perdidas estrellas sueltas de

Bagley y West Grand Blvd day dreaming

Trinity Church Milagros we teen aged rowdies

Macaw slang Zapatista selva-tongued portion 

of the barrio Little Mexico tucked beneath

dark shadow tow of hollowed Michigan Steel

way-laid with the layoffs, rusted cranes impotent 

unionism Little Mexico 

random rap our rather loose

caboose on the run-away rails 

of life once upon a time in Detroit


do not disturb we be fresh out the steel furnace

chasing the golf star a caddy seeking the hole in one

we will never posses down the assembly line of life 

my glass medicine bottle a rattle drum beat

apparition expectation round dance union circle 


Tiananmen Square    Red Flag Commune bound

Anna Mae Aquash Leonard Peltier sacrifice zone

Little Mexico Dreams Deferred one into the other


vale mas !

Huey Sapp

broad pachuco grim reaper grin wanna be 

xikano ready to sin waiting propped against

the tavern door electric shock down our spine

away from strangers/witnesses ready made poetry slam – dunk !

giant Imperial Quart beer bottle held high stroking the midnight hour

an argument over a last corner-pocket call spontaneous combustion 


slam! ka-bam! down on the poor boyz head blood saliva fear

hunger revenge poverty racism indignities painting the bar room floor

a bright piñata splish splash split wide by #1 teenage hit minimalist 


without a warning Huey he be crazy white boy wanna-be Xikano

a todo madre swimming in plasma purple barrio Friday night 

life afterglow down-brown-proud Chicano fiendish smile


just saying….




black crow medicine spirit overhead

an unexpected confirmation

a shrill Caw!! – dacious

Caw!! good morning to ya’

I cannot stop now I chase 

eternity there in the eyes

of Creation Sun Father

just beyond the hill top


I wave       at his       passing       silhouette


I too seek my rose crowned dawn I shout at the

passing shadow mindful of calm fancy-fied eternity

viewed from eyes which have already seen too much

Crow eyes their dark piercing of the vagrant

silence now disappeared ‘neath the 

sudden curvature of white 

morning sanctified light


a random rant wrap rap up our rather loose

caboose talk tied down on the railroad tracks 

of life veterano of the Detroit insurrection 1967

late night drive to wet county Toledo, Ohio

for a case of beer to evaluate the situation….


                                                                Aztatl X


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