War Path

War Path

for Gwen Ifill 

Emiliano Zapata 

Mohammed Ali




even though the loss –

oh the loss a random

sudden rap-up out loud

our rather loose caboose these days

accommodations on the railroad tracks

of a good long life our truth our thoughts

the value of our kindergarten lessons a hoax


my immigrant familia old Mexico Texas and beyond

the bracero program forward an Alamo height 

Texas with chili con carne trail mix of racism

our own self taught reality and training on

sugar beet   cherry   & cotton fields    

barrio beat streets of truth our 

deep goodnight sighs of relief 

fact and fiction rolled

into one breath  

Quetzal y Coatl

?donde esta?


Medicine Eagle’s Gathering

on the Arizona desert floor 

walking backward into the Kiva

a blessing of water homecoming

Water and Quetzal Parrot Feathers

come to compare and repair the notion

that Water is Life   Dakota Pipeline Access


although our parched chants may not be heard

the direction lost to caution and Ehecatl the Wind

or to the dismissal of our right to freedom of speech

and assembly Wounded Knee straight shooting AIM 



I see you clearly brother and sister Crow

I hear your good morning hello 

caw !   caw !   caw !  were-in 

sleeps the rebel heart

Indigenous carnales

factory workers 


farm workers

all refugees alike

we built this country so 

today we need to boldly stand


where-at your picket signs and sighs

of heated confrontation let us 

allow the Sun shine brightly 

shape shift 

bear witness 

before the 

astonished forces

of colonialism


trust your







idle no more


if not now – when?

if not we – then who?



                                              Aztatl X


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