The Theoretical Theory of Relativity

The Theoretical Theory of Relativity

by Prof Al Einstein & Pro Aztatl X


! si podemos !  ! si podemos !


They are accustomed to label me “trouble maker”

it is partially so because the silence is deafening

the bigger part of the truth is the size of my heart


San Antonio Texas  (las labores 5 am to 5 pm)

Delano Califas  (las labores part 2)

Detroit Michigan  (XikanoBoriquaColectivo) 

Albuquerque New Mexico  (Indian Country)

the list goes on I am not easily frightened

hey now! why can’t we all just get a-long 

tall cool one Tres Equis Lone Star Review?

dawg, Forget the Alamo !  



Coahuilteco Meztiso de Aztlan   Aguas!

Shape Shifting elder my contrary contemporary

art scrap book of life when I finally came around to it

chocolate Mexican Indian brown pelado ‘chuco ! 


t.v. awesome adventure commercials we

alone can decide what is awesome what is

mundane in true neo liberal surrender

in spiritual retardation before god learned 

how to use the smart phone instead I 

would pedal a bycicle down I-40 freeway

rush hour traffic afternoon delight 


or stock my apartment with two dogs or whisper

into my sweet hearts ear “get out now” I grew


to peddle my 3 person bicycle (2 peoples’ missing) 

slightly brain injured after the accident I practice

the Detroit Shuffle down Woodward & Mack

down Central and Louisiana free 

Mr. Clean get away ….


huffing and puffing 

’till death do us part


                                                          Aztatl X


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