I Painted Myself Into A Corner Easy To Do These Days

I Painted Myself Into A Corner

Easy To Do These Days


While bumping up against the wall

                         up against the world

                         imbue warm richness

                         fresco shades

                         blue-sky clouds

                         circular motion

                         yellow Sun drift


no ASAP nor Stat !

Padre nuestro Sol

Madre Tierra natal

Hermanita Luna linda


people of cool color

primary color tribal

pigment dye chrome 

spectrum prime not

a transparent  !GRITO!

but alive!



soft smile blush


Straight ‘Outa Patience !


She shouted at the base 

of contemporary University of Mississippi 

Black Lives Matter! she climbed 

the flag pole to remove Confederate Flag


Black Lives Matter! we intone


how now to describe the homeland indeed

I speak broken Mexican desert winds proclaim

many of our friends speak broken english/spanish

raised in el barrio raised with Carnales of every

shape and size-us Mexicans Indigenous strong

ground zero organized by the Detroit Brown Beret

                                                Young Lords

speakers at home

never in a rush

we speak slowly 


                keep the beat 

                         the heart beat



My true family is the Rain

a bright sunshine day

the buzz flight of Hummingbird

warriors gathered in communion


I am not associated 

keep your fracking oil 

away from my soil

Water is Life




stand your ground

men and women

contrary warriors

               skinny walkers

               shape changers

teachers of some type or other

                   keepers of the light

keeping ancient books alive safe from the colonization



Little Mexico to the max pointy shoes

sharp points an anvil were the shit-kickers choice

walking barefoot on old abandoned tar tiled roof

stepping on nails bumble bees our projects pride

we were titled most post democratic posse

under suspicion most Xikano-like

                                   dark brown 

                                   brown red and white batos

                                           chicas patas

we prayed to the Virgen Maria at X-mas 




kidnapped disappeared university students….


                                                                  Aztatl X


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