Pigs Feeding Pigs by Eric J. García (El Machete Illustrated)

Pigs Feeding Pigs

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One Response to Pigs Feeding Pigs by Eric J. García (El Machete Illustrated)

  1. Dear all,

    I’ve been reading about the death of Ruben Salazar. I’m glad to have come across his story and miscarriage of justice in this case. Even if the sheriff could not see into the bar it is certainly negligent homicide because he could not see into the bar.

    My question is whether or not Sergeant Thomas Wilson is the same 30+ veteran of the LASD who runs the “Camp Courage” program through the City of Industry YAL? If he is, why are children allowed to be near someone who has such little regard for the safety of the citizens of LA County?

    The Sheriff should be contacted. If the Sheriff ignores the public, children should be removed and protests held about a killer in charge of children.

    Mac McCay
    Vancouver, WA

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