My Xikana Lover

My Xikana Lover


con lumbre

mis suenos 

de amor y passion

querida de me vida


en veces 


loca y libre 

I am first hand witness  

to your eyes a reflection

I cannot hope to run from 

temporal although it may be


there just below the heated thought

taught skin our depth of passion

a summer sky of willful bliss 

pressed tightly against

my strength to resist


“stay warm” 

your parting words survive

press at the solar plexus alive

an ache, duena de mi paz 


peaceful drives our Universe of intent


rules the natural turn of our Earth Mother

drives the Universe a perfect fit

day into night the Circular Spirituality

embers from the first wild fire blaze

eons ago our birthday right ….


                                                      Aztatl X


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