Fronteras Norteñas: a trilogy


ay sweltering San Antonio varrio tan lindo

how fresh your memory imbedded en el Corazon

warm, por rumbos conocidos donde vive la gente trabajadora

de La Lomita que se llama – that southern- most colonia 

nuestro pueblo Mexicano-Chicano alli where summer cicada

& hummingbird song movements stir the bright orange

marigolds then vanish into an abandoned two room wooden 

and corrugated steel roof home near obsolete railroad

tracks colonized by rattle snakes and aged pecan orchards


the dinosaur migrant routes that run through ese lugar

especial are as old as Pachamama Herself


Somos tambien los weary survivors of Ecorse/Detroit

project adventures fire trap military housing compadrasgo

steamed with sweet spicy odors of comino y chile verde 

beef and pinto bean tamales for los bailes escandalosos

toda la santa Noche Buena….


we were poor but not aware of it 

rich so alive with good night wishes 

early morning kitchen greetings 


row upon row of colorful rose children 

guided by uncertain first baby steps

out into the alien street overpowered 

by a strange language and alien dream states



outdoor roofless wooden platform dance arena

our pueblitos gathered each weekend, still THUMP!

sawdust-slide their dance jubilation into raza

congested celebration- good red earth sanctification


meeting place for young lovers their joyful reunion

still surface in my mind’s eye drift home again

on warm butterfly wings and Christmas things

reflect down home cowboy Tex-Mex music

while dad, the Dancing King championed his

right foot aerial kick to end tight cornered 

polka turns swinging mom’s laughter around

trademark on wooden, straw or cement floor 


Madonna and San Antonio, Texas

Cary & Luna Pier, Ohio

Mears & Detroit, Michigan 

a thousand candles for protection

the glow yet lingers 

the wisp of hand movement 

under kerosene lantern walls



bewildering thoughts hope drink

in open-air cathedral prayer

red skin chatter of people massed

in open fields before sunrise

hungry Crow  People weaving

the magic cloth of culture


quick hot coffee 

waiting for the incessant walking

row upon endless rows of short hoe stooping 





the foreman pause to wipe clean his red taco sauce 

stained hands calling for more work 

more bodies more taco sauce please

boy! I kid you not 

these mex’s

sure can cook….

brown and red Mestizo bodies from Texas

Mexico Michigan Ohio Indiana and Illinois 

remembrance of yearly summer trips to vacation resorts

never swimming in clear forest lakes nor walking 

fragrant pine forest no sand buggy rides 

or end of summer cherry festival celebration

time is money is everyone 

must lend a working hand


Traverse City, Ludington, Hart, Shelby, Muskegon,

Mears & Monroe (home of x army maniac general

George-Armstrong-Custard) Michigan we did them on

“summer vacation” climbing ladders 5am to sunset

picking the cherries for your tequila martini weekends


? te acuerdas de las piscas ese ? 


                                                           Aztatl X

                                                        1987 / 2017



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