For the Groan of the Drone

For the Groan of the Drone


150 million Indigenous People

in the Americas have perished 

since 1492 at the hands of the

European invasion     3 million

Mexica people died of small pox

introduced by the conquistadores 


it is our job to remember


you are not to blame they repeat

one to the other forgive but how

does one pretend the impossible?


Coahuila grey wolf dance 

here I thought my career

a radical pervert fond of

home spun stories had 

come to an abrupt end  

once and for all time memorial


I promise to swerve the boat

side to side float like a butterfly

sharply to the left then to the right

strike like the rattler at home

on dessert alert defend Water Spirit

pain ting more blues in the night I

will gather the mystery once again

embrace tightly justice and peace


49 fry bread half breed universalist 

ain’t we the earliest noble red man

woman proud on home ground 

on turtle crocodile islands true

for so many thousands of years?


the rest is history que no?

we must unite once more

brace our love against

the torrent of hurricane wind

stolen from our democracy


mister I do not want your millions

I do not wish your diamonds & gold

I wish for the right to live work 

rebuild one man army of one

jump stay at ease calm down 

continue the search for law





como siempre 

as before

first justice 

then peace



faltan 43


community teachers leaders

disappeared September 26 &27, 2014

                                        Igualas, Mexico

murdered by organized drug gangs & Federal Army


what to do

what to do


first justice

then peace


                                                                           Aztatl X




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