Coahuila Xikano Meditation

Coahuila Xikano Meditation


I send

a multi-colored

Tobacco prayer tie of hope


a Tolteca-rich Eagle feather

glide beyond sickness & sorrow


a Spirit Sweat Lodge chant

                       bright be-bop

                       sweet hip hop

city smart throw down song

in defense of our homie land


Aztlan and beyond inhale

the new man & woman

you know we can rescue

the hearts of our young

often abandoned caught

in the jaws of an artificial 

wilderness of imaginary needs


our blessed youth of Zapatista ancestry

                              of  Tashunka Witgo

                              courageous angry eyes

of Malcolm X    Dr. King wisdom & joy


our substance-free journey to reunite 

regain our balance and freedom free

from this delusional lock step dance

of consumerism & with nothing to lose

we Crow Hop a contrary heart beat-

shape change to the good news….


                                             Aztatl X

                                          2006 / 2017


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