2 Years Later: March for Jumpolin & Against Displacement (February 12, 2017)

2 Years Later


2 Years Later: March for Jumpolin & Against Displacement

We will march on February 12th, 2017, to remember the demolition of Jumpolin and the continuing racial and class displacement occuring in Austin due to gentrification and the violence of white supremacist capitalism.

2 Years have passed since one of the most violent acts of gentrification and displacement went down in Austin: the demolition of the Jumpolin piñata store, with their merchandise still inside, as the family watched when they came to work on the morning of February 12th, 2015.

While Jordan French and Darius Fisher, would love nothing more that we forget this violent attack on the Lejarazu family and their attack on the historic Mexican-American Barrio of East Austin, we have maintained our call to hold them accountable ever since.

This includes a boycott of them and their businesses, but especially of the property at 1401 Cesar Chavez where Jumpolin stood. This also includes a boycott of the business that arrogantly took over the lot and lease from F&F, the Blue Cat Cafe. They did this against the protests of the community who asked that they not legitimize F&F’s act of violence. Neither F&F or Blue Cat Cafe should be allowed to continue to profit from the destruction of Jumpolin.

So we are marching to once again make our call clear, but we are also marching against all displacement and gentrification in Austin, especially in the East Austin Barrio, which is the front line for gentrification, where trendy cat cafes, bars, and high-end restaurants all work to erase the working-class Mexican-American community that stood here, neglected and insulted, for generations.

We will highlight many things with this march, but here are some key messages:

BOOT THE BLUE, WE’RE NOT THROUGH! – We continue the boycott of F&F and Blue Cat Cafe, and seek to end their profit from the lot where Jumpolin stood.

“DON’T RAINEY ON OUR CHAVEZ! – Trendy bars, cafes, and restaurants have outworn their welcome on Cesar Chavez. These businesses, speculators, and urbanists want to turn Cesar Chavez into the next entertainment district, like they’ve done to Rainey St, which was once part of the Mexican-American barrio as well. These businesses hasten the total removal of the Mexican-American community from this area. We will begin to call for the direct boycott of specific bars and restuarants, as they have shown their indifference to the needs of the community and thirst for profit.

HANDS OFF HOLLY! – We demand that gentrifiers have no involvement in the redevelopment of the Holly Power Plant and Chicano Park, particularly arts organizations such as the HOPE Gallery, which seeks to move their graffiti park into Chicano Park. Holly was decommissioned after decades of community struggle and that same community is now being removed from the area. Gentrifiers had no role in that fight and deserve no planning role in Holly or Chicano Park.

MAINTAIN MARTIN JR. HIGH! – We demand that Martin Jr. High remain open as a place of education, not for closure or conversion to commercial use.

And more….

We reject the line that gentrification is inevitable – that is the self-interested message of those who are profiting from it, whether they are developers, real estate agents, or wealthier, mostly white people who get to move into neighborhoods with no concern for the people who built it.

And for the community members who may feel like there’s nothing we can do, we call for strength and do not accept defeat. Gentrification is a people-made problem. That means that people can stop it themselves when they decide they’ve had enough. We are the force of history.

Join us to prove that true! Defend Your Hood – Defiende Tu Barrio!

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