Standing Rock 2016

Standing Rock 2016


victory and defeat

quicken the heartbeat

a river a rainfall snow-ball 

flakes on the outside 

inside center side

again and again

the beauty of life

may hunger flow no more

nor alone – ness remain


passing sighs

empty eyes 

little boy blue

anxious little girl too

so much more ’round

the corner higher up

the shelf of hope full filled

dreams do come through


Wolf Spirit love song

ar – ar – a- wooooh

hoooo hoooo     a-ho

grandfather I have returned

it’s in my blood


corn pollen

wild Picietl

sweet grass

cedar brew


Copal Insence smoke rising

to know where you are going

you must know where you been

if there are no more elders

speak to the circle search

the wind amoung the trees

jumping fish in the stream

eagle flight above the thin air 

spring painted earth plants

search the warm colorful glow



NPR Weekend Edition Rendition


sat last Saturday near the outside window

scatting the day away through the past

unwritten downbeat historical hysterical

down beat drum protecting absorbing the

green as green can be morning forest floor


red gold morning sunlight the Earth Whispers

the Nagual Spirit ever present Shape Shifter

travels foot-loose one Indian tamale clings

to hungry mouth thick as the tone of heart beat

hip to the max do not be afraid sing it loudly!


hot shots

mi gente

stoke the coals

fight the power that be



The Homeless Memoirs


black Crow spirit overhead

every morning in springtime

unexpected confirmation

without fail a sharp grisly call

mid-air response I shout

Crow!  Crow! how be thou

this early warm free day?



 good morning!

 I cannot stop I chase

 eternity in the sunrise

 just beyond the hill!”


I wave at his passing shadow

across the forest floor I too

search my rose crowned dawn

with human eyes that have seen so much,

through dark penetration of Crow eyes

in the heart shaped gaze 

silent now


my childhood friends

you been conned again

               hood winked


by jive turkey-neck fools…. 

                               (Malcolm X)


Idle No More 


                                                     Aztatl X


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