Pachamama Mother Earth II


Mother Earth II



full summer regalia




                    our Nation

                    a Circle 

                    a hoop

                    of countless nests

                    stars planets sister Moonlight


long tiresome road ahead


                      Water decides

                       Earth decides

                       Wind decides

                       Sun decides



Tierra natal morena

           raiz indegeno

           grandisimo Corazon

           mi barrio sabroso


                          jugo de sandia dulce



change is a snow ski journey

up hill the struggle

down hill the thrill

many songs of liberation !

                        yo! intimidation


                        I am not leaving

                        we are not leaving

                        the groove

                        god is inside you


                        in the blood

                        indigenous true


                        Chaka Zulu

                        Jaguar Warrior too


waiting outside the Cadillac ‘sembly line


                                                    Aztatl X


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