An Open Letter to the Movement

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To: National Chicano Moratorium Committee

To: our friends and allies

To: the Movement for self-determination and national liberation

To: Our enemies

To: the people



The National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) was initially organized during the height of the Chicano movement in the 1970’s. It was first organized after a call issued by the National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference in Denver, Colorado. This first embodiment of the NCMC was infiltrated by agents of the federal government. One agent, Francisco Martinez, now known as Mohammed even became the national coordinator for a time.

The NCMC was re-constituted in Dec. of 1989 at the initiation of the Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida and Union del Barrio to not only commemorate the 20th anniversary of our people’s resistance du ring the police riot after the 1970 NCMC march against the war in Vietnam but also to continue our people’s struggle for self-determination and national liberation. The NCMC has commemorated the historic march for the last 25 years. It grew to have chapters in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California. Chapters also existed in Tucson, Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. The majority of these chapters/regions subsequently left the NCMC for differing reasons.

Unfortunately, recent development involving the possible infiltration of the NCMC has caused myself and the majority of members and organizations at the time to leave/withdraw from the NCMC process. This development is the participation of JAN B. TUCKER (JBT) in the NCMC. JBT claims to represent CALLAC, a California recognized organization. However, a check in 2015 of the webpage for the Secretary of State of California states that this corporation is suspended by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

In either late 2010 or early 2011, we were warned to be careful of the participation of JBT who was alleged to be a spy, without supporting argument. At that time, we did not follow-up on this warning. Because the allegation was a simple one sentence, we liberaled out and did not conduct any further investigation into this allegation.

JBT’s webpage has him pictured separately with both L. Head, an ex-head of the FBI and with ex-president B. Clinton. As if that is going to make him acceptable to those in the movements for national liberation and self-determination. The FBI is the political police for the settler-colonial state. It must be remembered that Clinton passed and implemented NAFTA, lead to the mass incarceration of Brown and Black folks as well as beginning the militarization of the militarily imposed border and the mass deportation of our people.

Sometime in 2012, JBT began an internet flame war against both the Partido Nacional De La Raza Unida (PNLRU) and the National Brown Berets. This included personal (not political) attacks upon the leadership of these organizations. It also seemed to push the organizations against each other. It also included personal attacks upon family members of the PNLRU. It included public allegations that the Partido had not complied with certain federal regulations, which could lead to a federal investigation of the Partido. These allegations also included sexist attacks upon members of the PNLRU.

These allegations began after a failed personal relationship between JBT and a member of the PNLRU, who is the sister of the Pres. of the Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida. Because of these allegations and insinuations, and the lack of action by the leadership of the NCMC in addressing these unprincipled criticisms, the Partido withdrew from the NCMC and has continued to organize independent commemorations of August 29. I am self-critical that I did not strongly denounce these actions at the time.

We were told by long-standing Chicano activists that they would not join the NCMC as long as JBT remained or continued as a member of the NCMC.

After the successful 2013 annual commemoration, without prior approval or authorization, JBT sought to have new recruits of interested persons to contact him directly instead of directing folks to the NCMC coordinator.

In 2014, two independent Chicano activists alleged on a public internet email list that JBT was an agent based upon circumstantial evidence. To our knowledge, JBT has taken no action against these activists. Again, the NCMC took no action to investigate these allegations, nor to censor JBT.

During a meeting of the NCMC in June of 2015, JBT was questioned about his relationship to Infragard, which he alluded to in a post on his blog. It is interesting to note that his blog has pictures of JBT with Louis Freeh, prior Director of the FBI and with ex-pres. Bill Clinton. On its webpage, Infragard is described as an FBI created organism to assist it with the collection of intelligence and information. Despite repeated requests to address the questions presented, JBT just walked out of the meeting. He did not ask that the matter be tabled for a future time when he could participate. According to Infragard’s webpage the California office is housed by the FBI.

Rather than ask for a further meeting of the NCMC to address the issue raised, JBT sued over half of the then membership and several organizations of the NCMC for monetary damages. The suit even named the NCMC as a defendant and still the NCMC allowed JBT to continue participating in the NCMC. The lawsuit continues.

Because of these actions of JBT and the lack of action by the NCMC, I terminated my participation in the NCMC process. I will continue to organize for the self-determination and national liberation of our people.

These actions by JBT bring to mind the following quote from a writing of Mumia Abu Jamal:

Here are the basic five techniques employed in domestic espionage:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Infiltration: Seeding groups with police agents or using members for the purposes of internal surveillance or as provocateurs to entrap others in illegal acts.
  3. Intelligence gathering: the gathering or compiling of data to use in destabilization efforts.
  4. destabilization: any effort that derails, disrupts, frustrates or weakens an organizations ability to function or fulfill collective efforts.
  5. Neutralizations

The struggle continues!

For self-determination and national liberation.

Guillermo Suarez

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Seems to me that the actions of Tucker meet these criteria, especially

item number 4.

Because of an ongoing health issue, I had not previously issued this


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