Reinterpreting Local History: La Voz de la Colonia (12/6/16) at the Blanchard Community Library in Santa Paula, CA

Reinterpreting Local History: La Voz de la Colonia

Reinterpreting Local History: La Voz de la Colonia

Reinterpreting Local History: La Voz de la Colonia

Join us for

“Reinterpreting Local History: La Voz de la Colonia, Ventura County’s Spanish Language Newspaper, 1926-1932” on Tuesday, DEC. 6

La Voz de la Colonia is a recently discovered Spanish-language newspaper that was published in Santa Paula and circulated throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The newspaper focused on labor struggles, school segregation, and community organizing efforts as well as sports and entertainment. This presentation will use La Voz de la Colonia to reinterpret key events in local history including the 1928 St. Francis Dam Disaster, the agricultural strikes during the Great Depression, and the segregation of Mexican students in public schools.

California State University Channel Islands (CI) hosts more than a dozen free public lectures at libraries throughout Ventura County, as well as the Channel Islands Boating Center, and now a site in Ojai. The Fall Lecture Series will focus on the Syrian refugee crisis; local history; music technology; health; and the wine industry are among the topics that will be explored by CI experts from various academic programs including Biology, History, English, Computer Science, Political Science, Performing Arts, and Sociology to name a few.

For a complete schedule of lectures, visit:

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