prose for Aneb Kgositsile

for Aneb Kgositsile

(wherever you may be)



    ! Cuatemoc !

Mexica Fallen Eagle

” I embrace mankind

with trembling quetzal feathers

  with circlets of song

I give myself to the community”  **


flowing summer Earth Mother breeze

my hair regains former length/strength

grows in memory of fields of grass

mountain strongholds of resistance

in peace and patience gathered

alongside these violent assaults

upon our commuinties more resilient


we gather at the alter of danger

death wish out of sight we watch

it pass cold breath we sense are

repelled by its sickness

its natural bend


Sun Flash sparks wave capped water

seduce the duality into being we move

to a higher place view the rippled face

of Sun Danced radiant heat


we leave for Crow who will reclaim 

the heart of the enemy spit it out

turn it into seeds to grow onion

and tomato for our next taco dinner



above the confusion of our caution

Parallel Universe our soul imbued

in common chaos love alone

will embrace the sincere wish

of Creation


crossroads are encouraged

to become the Road of Life


                                      Aztatl X



Temilotzin’s Poem

Mexica pre-columbian poet

(from Anales De Tlateloco)

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