No Specific Pause (for the Kit Carson Tri-Centennial celebration 1996)

No Specific Pause

(for the Kit Carson Tri-Centennial celebration 1996)


feel sorry for you

at the city stop light 

Xikano bato dressed old school

fielding Brown Beret ‘chuco trajes

heaved up with his righteous rez carucha

todo madre homemade

scrapes and wounds a reflection

a Diego Rivera mural painting 

my favorite blending of free sunshine


clean white late model Lincoln Continental

lowered to the max spinners in mambo motion

Los Lobos tune wheel of good fortune

we nodded chin turned upward when

two college aged gabacha chicas


ridiculed camarada’s low rider slump posture

expensive shades baggy sag chino’s

y quien sabe que mas

pues vamonos



magic trick up his sleeve

we know not from whence

the empty plastic bottle cometh

the missal missed the driver

caught her companion riding shot gun


I caught up to him at next stop light

to shout across the hundreds of years

of intolerance and racism “good throw ese!”

he-dog broke out in laughter the vehicle

with the wounded females caught up to us


tires screeched they sped away tossing

at one another whatever excess garbage

they could find abandoned fountain pens

                                           a windshield wiper

                                           empty fast food container

                                           pennies contribution for the pot


Freddie King

  1. Los style


as they sped away I thought


“now why can’t we all

just learn to get along”


E, Los Freddie King style?



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One Response to No Specific Pause (for the Kit Carson Tri-Centennial celebration 1996)

  1. Willy says:

    Love the visuals in your poem.
    I am a Chicano born in Fresno now designing fashion in New York. My work is influenced by my heritage and I bring the Pachuco elements of elegance and style into modern contemporary menswear. If love to start a dialodiog with you and maybe collaborate on something. My name is Willy Chavarria @newyorkwilly

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