History Is Never Over

History Is Never Over



it appears that a number of people

never grew up as responsible citizens

much less respectable human beings

never took advantage of commonplace

inheritance on historic southwest Detroit

city streets nor understood the need for change


poverty on the streets

in the schools

throughout our




one more human sunrise round

gold red yellow blue rainbow round

as the nest we discover ourselves

searching till logical conclusion

the ending a circular movement


the act of joining together opposing realities

in tune with the medicine wheel of life

round as the seasons the cycle of ceremony


in the Inipi sweat lodge voices

intermingle join the purification

round red glow of heated stones

        Grandmother Earth 

Fire Keeper-Keeper of the Light

transported to the Water Place


nearer and nearer the truth

Sun Father a mysterious Magnet

          Water the medium

            hot stone vapor

I swam that day in Texas

summertime a fortunate

underwater escape



in the name of Quetzalcoatl

the Feathered Serpent uniting

our Spiritual Journey speaking

the language of Sky and Earth

flight of Quetzal Bird

walk of Pachamama

everything between


each important to the balance

translated into Pocho byways

into the fields

onto crowded streets

from the top of the Alamo

atop adobe roofing jobs

from the mouths of Taxi drivers

street vendors of cherry syrup raspa

on the crowded highway north

lured by the smiles of Michigan

steel and automobile plant workers



in the thinned out woods of my ancestry

at the children’s city park plaza Mexico

a welcome by Mexica Coahuila drum


clean hands

clean minds

a silent night

at home at peace in the projects …


if we did not host

local indian tamale


community gathering

we would have nothing to un-rap

this Xmas night of terror & poverty


the opposite of war is compassion



the untranslated fractal

at the end of protein – coded

messenger RNA’s

have a number of functions

under normal conditions

         the genome


hue redness shade

dark skin color fast

tone tint warm color glow


shocking spectrum

transparent shiny glaze

a loud enamel fresco shock

what is the color of your mind?


magnificent Underdog


domal region

ends at X & Y


at the foot of street justice

oink! oink! oink! the solution

wild dogs off the leash lavish


straight out of patience

she shouted


take down

the confederate flag!



to compromise

is to wear a suit

that does not fit

although it is zipped with confidence

the pants pop out without provocation

at the sight of the truth standing still

unbelievable before the eyes


cuando todo depende con suerte

todo lo de mas no vale la pena


hip! hip! hippie!

cold weather fashion B-25

WWII leather jacket

1481 Spanish Inquisition

1492 colonization of the amerikas


Tired !

of hearing the disturbing news

Turn Off !

Tune in !

to your fav PBS

quilting Program

for the artisan in you !

peace to the world

transfer the applique

onto your fav escape



                                      Dec.17, 2015

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