Words With Wisdom

Words With Wisdom



I am beginning to see

my father Jose

my brother Felipe

my uncle Juan in me


Jose Aztatl Free


holds the key a

split personality?


not hardly


1910 revolutionary


1967 82nd Airborne


blood line ancestry



how does that country song go ?

if my neighbors were busy

minding their own business

they would not be minding mine….



in the heat of the moment

it remains winter time yet

sunshine invades every thought


outdoor dawgs

             runaways we

             our homeless


we raise our voices

the whole night long

             remain warm

             draw attention


I am tlalquetzqui

he who makes things more visible

here to expose the arrogance

the monotone boredom

                overly simplistic

                mental illness

                that is hegemony


the local state zoological society

imprisoned pure negativity


I am here to enjoin variety

                                free thought

                                  good nature

                                    a walk in the park



                                  slurping raspa

                                  slow dancing

                                  my sweetheart

                                  alone in the dark


                                  low riders

                                  graffiti fine art

                                  fry bread top heavy

                                  with serrano dynamite


                                  the elderly white lady

                                  sitting across from me

                                  staring a hole into my brain

                                  I return the compliment

                                  then wait to see

                                  ? ! what up

                                       besides me ! ?




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