For Elena

For Elena


the sadness in my heart

a brief Xikano memory

thinking about you

Cass corridor sweetheart

you said you were tired

of being poor

union sister did we fall

in love for the time being

I bought you flowers that you might watch

love grow in fresh wandering night air flow


Xikana sister

all your life

all my life waiting

for our moment to arrive

still chasing our laughter

your touch the expectation

in our wandering heartbeat a jazzy

Detroit sax lull starlight caress at home

in these Sandia Mountain roadways up

to the crest where Creative Spirit wanders


sleeps is awakened by the expectation

in your voice your eyes my thoughts

of you tonight in a blues mode


this my starlight gaze 


the Heart of Sky







                    fertile soil

                    our Father

                    and Mother


                                                Aztatl X


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