My Dear Princess True


My Dear Princess true

we share this same space in time

unfamiliar quotations sublime we

cross the desert of the mind

to find the trail may lead behind

yet another worn simple state


friend, I call you

with deeper expectation

I reclaim my responsibility

& say I am allergic to caviar



reclamation of

our own destination

I am the silent rapper

I confine my soul out of necessity

change each movement of the pen



basics: empathy

does not compute

the ability to place oneself

into someone else’s shoes

one’s own emotions,


ex-social worker me is


subversion – tending or seeking

to subvert, overthrow destroy

undermind or corrupt, as in morals


or shall I sympathize

organize the silent throng

at pasture alongside wild mustang memories

East Sandia Mountains, New Mexico coyotes

red wolves on the prowl after such a long pause



Mesa Verde Parkway

thank you grandfather

for bringing so much good

so much attention to detail


homeless indigenous campers

my advice sirs and misses eat fideo

drink café Bustello for the Mexican in you

fry bread Indian Tamales too

for the wild Indian in you

so what else is new?



to t.v. or not to t.v.seeking

tarzan funny man standing

laughing at the laughing hyenas

a klown for the establishment 

in the kingdom of proper


cool Gnu honey

morning dew

run!  skunky pee-you

coyote hollers in the holler blue




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