Dia de los Muertos

If you are every where:

in water and earth,

in the air that holds me,

and in the voracious blaze;

and if you go every place


with me in my thought,

in the sigh of my breath,

and in my confused blood,

are you not, Death, in my life,

water, fire, dust, wind?


                  Xavier Villaurrutia


What is true is that when a person

          is born, from that moment

       death also accompanies one.


                   Candelario Rivera


I weep, though reason repeats to me

that a cadaver is not a demolished throne,

nor a broken alter, but a deserted prison.


                      Salvador Diaz Miron (epitapth)


Life and death are not contrary worlds

We are a single stem with two flowers


                                   Juan Rulfo 

                                                             Aztatl X

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