La Vida es un Ring at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach (9/11/15)

La Vida es un Ring

La Vida es un Ring


Sergio Arau’s exhibition, La Vida es un Ring, is not only a tribute to lucha libre, but also an example of Arau’s ArtNacó style. In his words, “ArtNacó recognizes what is popular, what is from the street, what is erotic and sacrilegious, and of course, what is Mexican.

ArtNacó is meant to raise up and transform the naco (street kitsch, bad taste) into something divine. These characters freely fly from the Sistine Chapel to the Mexican Wrestling Ring and back.” Arau’s exhibition was inspired by the poem below by Mexican poet Amado Nervo.

Life Is A Ring, And We Are Here To Fight
The struggle for life should not astound
For he who knows not how to fight is not a man
Man is born to wrestle, strive
Like birds are born to fly


Born in Mexico City, celebrated filmmaker, artist, and, musician, Sergio Arau was the writer/producer/director of the hit feature film “A Day Without a Mexican,” which went on to serve as the banner for the immigration movement in 2006. In 1983 he created ArtNacó, a Mexican Pop Art style that integrates Lucha Libre and other popular manifestations like street altars. In that same year, Sergio formed Botellita De Jerez, a group that fused humor and traditional Mexican music with the contemporary rock’n’roll.

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