Coahuila Meditation

Coahuila Meditation


I send you

a multi-colored

tobacco prayer tie of hope


a Tolteca rich

Spotted Eagle feather


a Spirit Chant

bright be-bop

hip hop city smart

song of courage


Little Mexico projects

throw down for real life

strife poem in defense

of the homie land

Southwest Detroit


from Mountain Stronghold y

Aztlan Pueblo barrio streets

inhale the new man & woman

celebrate the rescue of the hearts

of our chavalitos y chavalitas

once abandoned / caught in the jaws

of imagined artificial wilderness need


                                  Zapatista ancestry

                                  Tashunka Witco

                                  Crazy Horse eyesight


                                   Malcolm X

                                   Dr. King heritage


our vision substance free

regained natural balance

from delusional lock-step

parade of consumerism


we Crow Hop in joy

an indignant contrary beat

for the good news ahead ….


                                        Aztatl X

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