Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion



a heart-full of cluster bombs

a wicked napalm smile

I render my love to you

at least for a little while


vote for me

Juan Dale-Gas Gonzalez III

honor the tongue that wags

vote for account-ta-bility $ 4 me

mosquito spray in the summertime

fishing every Sunday  free bail $

migrant-free rest rooms


please mr. hacienda

anglo man don heet me

I don no wat I do


how do you expect me

to be responsibility wen

no body hold you responsibility


                             huh ?


Black Lives Matter ??




straight outta Compton



My Horror Trip Escape

from hospital by foot/by bus

got lost called RCMP

bring a Saint Bernard

a keg full of Jack


my nerves I died that day

three days into the zone


Dear Officers Krupke

I am sociologically sick !

let me go home…  twice

tied me to my bed instead


! epa !

Xikano which has been

here awhile speaks English/

broken Mexican from

West Side Story

southwest Detroit

                 Side story

over-think tank lost story

I doubted my grandfather

chose  science instead of

Coahuila simple principles


available at party stores

near chuco’ art murials

& graffiti mountain songs


mmmm me lik’  ’em 



what did the little mouse say to his dad?




what did his dad reply?



he was a paranoid schitzo

of the award winning kind


when Big Furry Cat arrived wearing

Cinderellas scarf for a bandage over

his injured left foot little mouse freaked

he approached Big Furrry Cat cuz

little mouse thought he was bad ass


you know the rest

funeral services will be held

last Thursday soon as we find

enough of Big Cat furry body



how’s about a new holiday?

Mi Grandota Hacienda Day


Boop Poop e Doop Day


o K


censory over load



stop being such a self-centered pig 

stop thinking in circles !  my summer

catechism teacher advised….


                                           Aztatl X


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