Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground


Dictionary Definition:

vigilante – a member of a vigilance committee

vigilance committee – a group organized outside

                                   of legal authority to

keep order and punish criminals because the

usual law enforcement agencies do not exist

or are alleged to be inefficient


Barrio/Rez Definition:

Any racist police or civilian organization outside

of the law which infringes on the constitutional

or human rights of People of Color


In Detroit a police vigilance committee existed which

cruised the neighborhood occupied by 4 burly pigs

which stopped, searched, arrested or murdered

Mexican, Puerto Rican, and African American youth.

The Mexican community finally surrounded the 16th

Precinct in the hood and would not leave. A few

weeks later the Big 4 Unit, Detroit Police Department, 

was disbanded. Power to the People.


                                                             Aztatl X

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