Writings from Aztlan Anahuak

Writings from Aztlan Anahuak

(for columbus & thanksgiving Day

& for abuelito Don Madaleno Ortiz)



the days were not that long ago

the dark nights not that difficult

the suffering a relief from the ordinary

a deliberate toughened realization

the arterial blood coursing smoothly

red and bright as morning sunshine


atomic particle here I am talking

to myself  only the martyrs

will understand the survivors,

the bones warm in morning Sun

can no longer be held the skin

the texture the touch the courage


we serve these hostile lands

dry arroyo holy places a sense

of rain the wind busy themselves,

erase, re-create, erase the stories

told born so long ago so fragile


as iron ore is left overnight in the cold

the core freezes warm sunshine is slow

in reacting this is how I feel at the onset

of winter the thoughts of upcoming holidays

the homeless gather downtown for a share

of turkey and pie then we retreat into conclaves

of Coyote homesteads scratched in the sand

behind truck stops into the mountains under by-ducts

we shadow dance 18 wheeler I-40 night traffic sounds

howl loudly deep inside alone in the hard core night



loco Coyote Dog Soldier the artist inside rebels-


we are festive chicharones dipped in jalapeno

tomato sauce a healthy serving of huevos rancheros


mellow fellow Jell-O

our saving light inside

can travel life speed

an immigrant I am

fortunate to be me

a history of family


fancy dancing

red man Xikano brown

yellow sunrise

black night light

we are all waiting too long


we want time to play

at justice and peace

free ice cream


not necessarily

in that order






free tacos

for the hungry



we require

working class

medals for barrio bravery

in  E.LA   Chicago   Detroit

Albuquerque   San Antonio

Brownsville    Las Cruces y mas

we hallow barrio unity for our independence…. 




                                                                               aztatl X

                                                                           2010 / 2015

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