South San Antonio DNA

alone in my conch shell apartment

overlooking the world outside my 

fleeting thoughts above dreaming 

world vibrate true wishes of love


I long for true peace

laughing away this

sanctuary nightmarish 

barrio concrete caste system


America amerikkka

you even got Alaska

& Honolulu – ah

if you no rich

no right too bitch- ah

the rich fund the military

prop up the violent police

in our own back yard – ah

ignore racism

sexist brutalization


New Mexican arts & crafts

stuck in 2nd gear 1890’s

patent pending techniques

white washed sensitivity

in closing let me say

cultural Nationalism

and science are not twins cannot allow

the wisdom of Grandfather Madaleno its

escape from isolation of family farm house

south San Antonio on the border


Spanish Maya story book ending slang


look !

there I go again in slow motion

dramatic fashion a cloud wisp

suspended by blue sky morning

zoot suit stylish summer day

start of another opportunity


my thoughts dipped in wild honey sauce

blue berry pancake fry bread invitation


                                     Aztatl X 


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