Legends, Hysteria, Stereotypes and Racism

For the record, I am not the devil nor evil incarnate,
so please stop making the sign of the cross on the bus
when I pass near you to sit down.
Neither am I a drug dealer with a German Shepherd
and a Pitt Bull for protection – both are rescued.
My hair is extra long because I wish to honor my tradition.
I am a convert to our old time religion as practiced by the
Mexica and Coahuila People.
Neither am I LGBT although I have friends who are.
I lost some of my front teeth in altercations with the cops
on the picket line and behind an overnight truck stop here
in Albuquerque, New Mexico, land of the free.
Lastly I am a 72 year old vato who grew up in Detroit.
I respect all people of all colors and religious beliefs.
Aztatl Tlalquetzqui
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