Opposite Directions



Hospital Illusion

Zoned no breathing

tip toe your enthusiasm

decide now writing or art


salt lick fractiles

layered artwork

form / chance


colored pencil


so Big Mike

the library APD security guard

called me a pachuco what with

wearing white te’nis baggy sag

black pantalones


a sure ’nuff black and red flag


black skull cap black shirt

white county jail t shirt 

guilty before proven different

to match outrageous white kicks


it is always proper to review/

renew the knowledge

truth to power the colonized

mind cannot depend defend for itself

burdened by neo-colonial forces

that bind their stare with a loud snarl

stomp loudly when they dance love war

throw stones to hear the window SMASH!



folks cannot believe I am from Osmosis

Quilmas, Texas born there absorbed

the colonial trail swallow your pride soon

no whimpering no burping no expansion it seams


Baby German Shepard and Shot Gun Pit Bull

year upon year we cross suberb-inized line


under colonialism stress is the intended disease

combat overflowing with curative powers $

thus the need to preserve self defense


Amerikanized Spanish is not the same

as combing of loose long dangle of hair



Skinny Walk Warriors that we are

prepare us for the struggle ahead

hold our thoughts in your embrace Father Sun

                                                        Mother Earth


we originate from your world of Whirl of Wind

hold us steady and true to our direction I ask

humbly that our ears might hear

                    our sight might see

the condition of our people that in our path


to liberation in your presence we perform


the Ali Casius Marcelus Shuffle

        Black lives Matter




the doctrines, methods and movements

of the Fascisti a system of government

characterized by rigid one-party dicktatorship

forcible suppression of opposition, private

economic enterprise under centralized govern-

mental control, belligerent nationalism, racism,

and militarism, much like the USA Colonialism

                         Websters New World Dicktionary



I guess I am glad I am me


                                                         Aztatl X


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