A Chicana Needs Help!

Below is a letter from a Chicana in California, which was distributed to several Chicana/o social networking groups, and which we received through a noted Chicana/o Studies scholar-activist. La Chicana is requesting our immediate and urgent help.

An interesting part of the letter that should be highlighted is the contradictory posture of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) who purports to be “the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States—works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.” 

While NCLR has recently gone out of its way to thank the “courageous” efforts of a corporate entity (NBC and Macy’s) in the Donald Trump racist, anti-Mexican fiasco, it has failed to do anything for the self-determination of nuestra Raza!

It should be obvious by now that NCLR merely exists as a corporate lobbyist front seeking to exploit the struggles of our people while never doing anything that can be considered to be “improving the opportunities” of our people.

In the meantime, Notes From Aztlán will keep you updated as we ourselves get more information on this important matter. 

If you are interesting in helping, send us your email/contact information and we will forward it immediately to La Chicana who needs our help!

For the moment, the name and identity of the Chicana has been omitted, by request of La Chicana, to protect her from any legal and political repercussions that may result from the corporate entity finding out who this muXer is as she is still in the initial process of seeking legal representation. 


My name is __________.  I was an employee of a ___________ in California.  Although I only worked there a short period of time I endured three separate occasions where my employer made derogatory racial comments to me about Mexican people.

After the second time I reported him to corporate.  Corporate decided it was serious enough to contact me about it.  When I spoke to corporate I told them that if they spoke to him that he would fire me.  They said they hoped he wouldn’t retaliate against me like that.  Yet that’s exactly what he did; he let me go the day after corporate talked to him.  Just before letting me go though he made one last derogatory comment to me about Mexican people.  Then he called me into his office, told me he was letting me go because it just wasn’t working out, gave me my final paycheck and asked me to leave.

When I filed for unemployment he blocked me from getting it because, he said, I was not performing my duties satisfactorily.  Within a month I sold several new accounts, sent out several quotes, and answered more than my share of customer service calls.  During my time there I was treated less than the other employee he hired.  I was never late and asked questions if I didn’t understand something.  So I filed for an appeal with the EDD.

I need help fighting the wrongful termination and racial injustice I experienced with this company.  My uncle, _______, was co founder of ______ magazine with his compadre, ______.  My uncle was an active member of the Hispanic chamber of commerce, an active member of La Raza, and was friends with _________ who was, at the time, a city council member of the city of _______.  I would ask my uncle for help but he passed away several years also.  His compadre recently passed away.

I contacted La Raza but they never returned any of my calls.  I really need help because there has been absolutely nobody to help me and I have nowhere to turn. It just doesn’t seem fair that he broke the law and I’m being punished for telling on him.

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