Dear Baby Huey

Dear Baby Huey

for the homeless who do not

buy into your rat race world



it is a seasonal thing

that time of year again

the coffers re-open

guitars and pianos play a jingly tune

killer cops turn the other cheek waiting

for the rapture of leaves overhead


meanwhile the homeless remain

searching the icy landscape there

are no simple solutions for the greed

do we then take everything in stride



oh well,


Baby Huey

with the huge cheeks

huge pot roast snack


it’s all good



loose change ?

a quarter for the bus ?

I’m hungry – can you help ?


why is it so difficult to care?

maybe its the color of the hair

or the clothes we wear?

that makes the stranger stare

so very difficult to bear


maybe its the height or weight

which defines the person inside


there is no money god

to hold accounts payable

only an occasional monkey god

to set the greedy pace



with a little cheese chile

a serano hot peper sauce

a dos XX ice cold beer


eat the rich !


                               Aztatl X


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