Pavlov’s Dog Gone Bezerko for Che’, the Argentine Bolivian Cuban, Master of Ceremonies

Pavlov’s Dog Gone Bezerko

for Che’, the Argentine Bolivian Cuban,

Master of Ceremonies 



tombstone blues purple haze

I need my rose colored glasses

to keep score on my way out the back door

stand up outside yourself men women near

the heartbeat drum yodel whoop

stand straight tall in self defense


welcome to Albuquerque

the Spanish Duke so named

join the Marching Ant Society

APD    Another Person Dead


I found my own way home again

to absorb summer light true

contrary warriors make things

more visible we are Spirit light



it ain’t no seasonal thang !

unblocked rounded out

nunca me dejo obscuro

I was a grasshopper love child before

the word Xikano Chico-Kano coooool

resonated across Aztlan land original

home of we the Xikano people


no more infantile phantom razon

for the things we do in our external

realities where we find our corazon


Xokolatl   no hispano

                no latino

those are the words el lengua

of the colonizers who enjoy

lumping our realities together for easier

justification to sponge off the rest of us….



“There comes a time”, Dr. King

said, “when silence is betrayal”



chocolate’ negro

Mestizo brown

Xikano Mejicano

we are red brown Indios

complete with directional finders

                       extra pair of kicks

                       a sweetheart on our mind


many of us will live despite your “barbs”

” hey bum!       get a job! ”  we will bum

our way across the landscape formerly

known as Indian Country Earth Mother

we will honor the plants animals water

soil we will dance sing write paint

our knew nation into being


where the Jaguar leaps!

inside the language of Eagle

Spirit Song also speaks


                                                 Aztatl X


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