All In One Day

All In One Day



for Chris Craft Christopher Columbus, Grand Admiral of the Ocean Seas

and dah General Governor of All the Lands He Should Discover? His

title upon touching foot on Indian land, one Royal Crown Building

Permit for Casinos and Tap Dancing School…


I sing today for the vastness

                         the sadness

                         of our people

my ‘other half” often neglected


chased out of Monterrey

and Coahuila Mount

into the north land “oh”,

he said “I didn’t know there were

any of you still left around here”


Grandmother Concepcion sold her serapes

embroidering, weavings in the market place

of Monterrey it was she who gave us the love

for art although we never had the opportunity

to speak with her – she walked on due to the flu


brother Felipe and I part time artists

stained glass creations Folk Urban Continuum

500 years “for a better life – through chemistry”

the European gift our children are sentenced

to residential schools harassed, abused by

industrious  illustrious $$$ conquistadores



                 I moan


                   often alone


              at times sublime

              my dogs stare

              seem to care

              right through me


I set this pen down

they lose their frown

their ears perk up

our late afternoon habit

a walk? a treat? perhaps sup?


Shotgun, the Pitt Bull

darts his long white spotted black tail

up – down-sideways a whip slaps

against the wall and my stacked paintings


what a harsh critic

what a loud critique


Baby the Shepherd

who speaks German

kicking back bored

does not agree

               in jealousy

profound lion dignity

he eyes Shotgun

bouncing off the wall


‘what a fool ‘ he thinks

he has no balls he bows

down jumps all around

to amuse self acclaimed master

a klown with no authority

self defacing Romeo

handsome and kind 




                                 Aztatl X


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