Our Strength

Our Strength

for Reymundo Tigre Perez

     & The Medicine Eagles Gathering


our strength can be found in the Buffalo

with wild Bear

the Deer Dance




waits patiently inside ritual

in the Inipi the Temazcal

Vision Quest and Sun Dance


harbors in the marrow of


Copal         Peyotl       Maiz


        Cedar        Picietle


Sage                  Sweet Grass


in the knowledge of our elders


in syncopated music of Rain

        the voice of Drum

     the Black and Red ink



It pursues high Winds on the mountain crest  

across the desert stirs the blossom below

in crowded cities, pueblitos, on the rez

in the loud slam of the prison cell door

the pride of parents at graduation

on the battle fields of foreign landscapes


where ever our people might reside

longing for the laughter of our children

nourished by complex subtle turning

of earth movements

the 4 Seasons

the 4 Directions



It swoops to earth on the green wings of the elusive Quetzal

flying so free that time hesitates tires from the chase




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