Mutton Stew & Fry Bread Too

Mutton Stew & Fry Bread Too


in the sweet sweet dream

fry bread  fry bread

good for the spirit

dipped in Mutton Stew

a jaded green Jalapeno

a tall cold glass of cherry cool

aid too 3X a day for everyone


farmworker to factory assembly line blues

I am fry bread true I honor and respect the elders

funny ‘tho they may be we will wrestle our future free

our beautiful culture is more than silver jewelry

or drums of peace and peace pipes as well

whatever that might be

we know our pipe carriers


for these wild times ahead

cling to your personal history

do not uproot it but shake the tree

from cradle to grave it is our destiny

for these difficult time we must also be


a warrior society

electrified root systems we

will return to the warm Earth Womb

Her breath the ancient rez-pira-tion 

of a mind and body truly in tune & free


                                                    aztatl X

                                                2005 / 2015

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