To Be Continued…

To Be Continued…

for the Brown Beret de Aztlan, Detroit MI Chapter

& for the right of oppressed people of color for self defense



basement ‘Little Casino partee down

grenas como Little Richard swept back

duck tail hair stylin’ good golly miss molly

Toledo, Ohio, illegal a toda madre we wait

slo gin Meister Brau – tequila cocktail

in the car in hand we wait . . . 


for the starting gun


of the famous Detroit Rebellion 1967

army armored vehicle Personel Carrier

surreal moonscape back drop

reflecting a hundred fires Soul Brother

Lives Here the sign hung outside

for protection from Molotov Cocktail

                          action movie madness

                              Made In the U$A

                              made in Detroit

                              home made ese


Civics class high school ROTC M-1 rifle

in startled brown Chicano face do you think

they care about your pan dulce wet dreams carnal?

sleep easy, your Michigan National Guard is wide awake

to the color of money and fifty caliber afternoon delight 

colonial occupation of rolling hills beloved Clark Park

place of summer volunteer Unity In the Community Festival

children’s train ride down W. Vernor

winter time children’s ice skating rink

Trinity Catholic Church sanctuary

through decades of our migrant elusive searching


Motown Review

no justice / no peace

Aretha Franklin converses

among the walking dead

on home turf she searches the ashes

the remnants of Black Panther stomping grounds


                      for a little   r-e-s-p-e-c-t


under the iron fist of big brother quick!

as the blink of the brown eye slammed!

against the hood of the car made in the ‘hood of Detroit

warned to wipe away my heavy duty insulting cholo smile

from the sun browned faces of our ancestors sangre

de indio porque nacido asi we celebrate invite Dia de Los Muertos

with our blood and sweat to come have a tequila toast to the living


Quetzalcoatl dwells in the spirit of the poor

in the sacred home ground of our ancient ones


where were you  –  the cuetes were loud homes

you didn’t hear us hollerin?  guess what Machu Pichu


   we are not hispano                    we are not anglos   

           nor are we brit pop stars with green hair

          neither cyborg programmable machinery


                         buy  !    buy  !    buy  !

                                   no wait

                          sell  !    sell  !    sell!


we are not safe on our own sacred grounds

or neighborhood from roving gangs of salesmen

television sets strapped to their backs


                      basta !    basta  !    basta  !


soy primero y foremost Xikano Coahuila Indio hueso colorado

fallen Eagle lost in the colonized homeland we continue to live

with compassion for all living creatures crazy for the return of

                                                               spring and summer roses 

                                                               afraid for our stolen children

                                                               crazed for lack of respect


                                                               hungry for the devine

                                                               starved for justice and peace



                                         San Antonio

                                         Los Angeles



                                          no se oye


                            como en los altos de Chiapas



                                                                             Aztatl X

                                                                   1975 / 1999  / 2015

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