Seneca Snakeroot

Seneca Snakeroot

for Faye Lone Goeman

      Hawk Clan


green white the flowers bloom May and June

twist  turn their  thick root stock beneath fertile

soil and moon carried to protect from vicious

colonial viper bite so common in the big city


I see in your eyes your purple dress

my favorite royal color flash against

the red – blue day I see the long journey

we have travelled together, long days

restless nights your courageous dignity

the sparkle in the eyes of your beautiful

children I knowhow you have struggled


soon time will be eclipsed a lapsing

Long House shadow shape shifting

future seasons over deer track easing

into our ancestral past we will become

the elders soon enough we will guide

our children along the path of Taxunka

Witko / Dancing Crazy Horse you have

done well the old ways are not forgotten


           Medicine Wheel and Quetzalcoatl

ancient bones will rattle yellow gourds White Buffalo

dreams will come to life stomp snort blue Autumn Breath

Red Tail Hawk will circle the encampment be pleased

by the Bird People on the ground singing dancing on

Tonantzin Earth Mother She will shine her light before

us Her Light will shine within us Traditional Dancers

will tie strong sinew string to the Cosmos 


The Blooming Tree of Life will stir up Indian pride

to the joyful turns of The Snake Dance shed its old skin

feed on the new grow large create fresh beginnings

Same as life    same as life  wander-lust orphan

of the rez it will be good to see you again


                                                               Aztatl X


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