Jump Street

Jump Street


what made me do it?

do you really want to know?


caught in the cycle of stuff

to do layed back streaming

alone on past lives longing

images present themselves


I set myself free again officially


alive yet in present states of mind

                         always have been


homies still trust bow down

to the systematic image of us

colonialism / neo-colonialism

surrounds our speech the color

of our skin in duplex copies numerous

false roadways to choose

avoid the loud clang!

of imprisonment doors

to challenge our truth


what made me do it?


I was packing my clouthes

I mean picking my nose

when out of the darkened sky rose

an idea for my belligerent prose


I woke from a dream lined

with homelessness so many

tears and years up tight

                          no light


please mr. piggy

don’t hit me no more!





South Carolina



so many more oinks

across Aztlan


ay te wacho


                                Aztatl X


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