For the Forgotten

For the Forgotten


for the millions across history

and for their migrant bones

across the world refugees

hold the rose of bright hope

into generations past ahead

into our memory connection

we must honor to understand


long lonely nights and days


exhausted on the road wearing

all weather black goggles Tlaloc

the rain spirit created sweet water

melons of our culture near flowing

River Water crossing our landscape


in the painting

I left one small block without color


cause only the creation is perfect

it changes at will if you disturb it

will react it is called self defense


police brutality

military madness 

war against the poor

the unemployed

the homeless

women & 

people of color


Creation will move on


its own special way

when aroused will defend

Itself abandon the system

to its own chaos




hey blood

I’m is a hood

that is why the cops

say I am no damn good

said I’m against their civilization

cause I grew up in the projects

                     cause I cannot play golf

                                I laugh it off

                      I am a vato te mato

                      scratch one hole in one

 see I know the lingo quidado te chingo                  


 signed, the mongoose

 master of mayhem



                                            Aztatl 2015

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