The Meaning of Life (for Kuahtemok)

The Meaning of Life

(for Kuahtemok)


when asked, “holy cow! Coyote

what is the meaning of life?” Coyote

rubbed his stomach, took a hop

skip and a jump, and replied

“the age old question, how come chickens

don’t have any lips, can now be answered”


“chickens ain’t got no lips because

rhinos cannot fly nor make an apple pie

armadillos carry their pillows to teenage

road runner pajama parties under

their armor plated underwear

armadillos cannot cross pollinate

they are simply too heavy duty 

to squat on the delicate daisies


porpoises rarely do foolish things on purposes


scrawny chickens lack lips

but huge papa grizzly bears

whisper sweet nothings into lady bear ears

late at night when their cubs are safely away

at grandma grizzly’s house in Chicago


a starving taxi cab driver in downtown Detroit

eating a chicken samich’ does not care

that god did not give chickens any lips

it is the barbecue sauce from Brother Crawfords

on Saturday night that matters the moistest


chickens do fine without any lips

even when they French kiss

it is the darting tongue that makes

the sexy porno flapping sound”


“and” Coyote concluded

“even with all their suitcases

on holiday to the south of France

sparrows are tiny by comparison”


                                                  Aztatl X


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