A Simultaneous Broadcast with Broken Sword Publications: Xicana/o Live Webcast tonight at 7:45pm PST!

Join me tonight, live, on Google Hangouts for a test webcast that is hopefully the start of a weekly series. I’m testing the webcast waters and this broadcast is just to see how things go. I don’t anticipate these things going longer than 30 minutes but we’ll see. Honestly, that’s a lot of empty space to fill with just live video and no breaks and or bumpers, interludes… :/

Originally, I wanted to do another podcast or even a live radio program but it’s pretty expensive. So, I want to try a webcast and see what happens. With this format I’ll discuss a little of everything including, but not limited to books, writing, publishing, news, culture, film, horror, vinyl, Xicanos, tacos, coffee and whatever is relevant…or not. This is a TEST run so please excuse my dust. I’m hoping to do this weekly…or as much as interest warrants.

One of things I hope to do is interview people and hopefully shed some light on issues that often get swept under the carpet or just flat out ignored. One of the cool things about this format is that it’s wide open. Tonight I’ll be joined by photographer Art Meza or Lowriting fame so you definitely want to check that out.

Anyway, join me tonight and we’ll see what happens.Ask questions, make suggestions etc. Come hang out. This is new territory. I’ll post the videos here after they record and they’ll also be archived on YouTube.

You can watch the feed live right here at 10:45 EST or on the YouTube page.

You can join me, LIVE, in the Hangout and interact, chat etc. here.

See you there! Please spread the word on your networks. Thanks!

– via BrokenSwordPublications

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