prose poem For the Groan of the Drone

For the Groan of the Drone

(150 million Indigenous People in the

Amerikas have been killed since 1492)



have some decency

I am not to blame anymore

it is clear you cannot understand

the uneasy labels placed to bind

a man down the resurrection

hands across time clasped I smile


at your dismay saddened at what

binds you so easily in comfort

to the unjust fray I will swerve

float like a butterfly sting

like a rattler place nopal spines

in your coffee for another sleepless


night I wish upon you an ant being

crawling up my nose where you came

from nobody knows I inhale

                     he enters


                     down he goes

into liquid collection of lemon pie rose water

                                        watermelon chee-tos

                                        Chiquita banana

                                        aguacate picadillo

                                         Hamburger taco

                                         local cuisine




the real world made – up

to be acceptable a lie

many of us adhere to

the poor sparrow snatched !

(a Ripley believe it or not feat)

in mid air by my dog Shotgun

who will star in next superman episode


masters of the immediate universe

you fanaticize some day soon god

whatever his skin color will return

to regain the real world god is all

around is everything the beauty

in collective drops of rain the

brutality a raging storm giant

antique rose bush brushing the window

the collective chirp of a hundred

sparrows clinging to the trees



the line moves straight no detours

seclusion salvation of the home front

children of parents of grandparents

clarity achieved the elusionist Don Juan

once said is a trick of the mind a temporary

stage play a viewed re-run point of view


the flatter my head the faster I talk

the least I remember inside out

the recorder stalls overload!

retreat and erase

age upon age

there is a limit you know

no need to impress


therein rests the peace



memory loss

what a blessing


                                      Aztatl X


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