MEChA de UCLA’s Xinachtli Hiring Informational Session (4/13/15)

MEChA de UCLA's Xinachtli Hiring Informational Session

MEChA de UCLA’s Xinachtli Hiring Informational Session


















Attn: Prospective MEChA de
UCLA’s Xinachtli applicants.

Ever heard of the Chicana/ Pipeline? How about the school-to-prison pipeline? According to research, out of 100 elementary students we start off with, only 46 will graduate from
HS, and about 26 will matriculate in higher education (I.e., community college or a 4-year university). And out of those 26, only 8 will graduate with a bachelors degree. And as we continue to pursue higher level education( I.e., Masters and PhDs), as you might guess, the numbers continue to reduce to fractions. So
you might ask yourself, “What’s directly impacting our educational experiences as we navigate the educational pipeline? And what’s contributing to these devastating statistics?” One reason, many argue is due to findings/statistics from the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” that directly investigates how youth of color are tracked as early as elementary school, that fall victim to increasing statistics of mass imprisonment. It is also publicly known that corporations are heavily investing in building prisons that outnumber the number of schools that exists in our states. “How could this possibly be?!” You may ask. As MEChA Xinachtli, we are not only interested in bridging access to higher education, but also exploring measures/initiatives that contribute to combatting socio-political and cultural barriers that are constantly pulling our communities a part and impeding the progress and empowerment of our youth. Our philosophy is aligned with a social justice framework that deliberately requires us assess our positionality as UCLA students of color and our responsibility to our communities. We also recognize that we too encountered educational barriers that could have delineated our goals, and that if it weren’t for our families, fem/mentors, teachers, counselors, etc we would not have gained access to
a place of privelege, like UCLA on our own–while highlighting the power of community in transforming our lives.

If the aforementioned is something that is aligned with your personal philosophy or career trajectory, please join us. We are currently seeking committed, passionate and community driven applicants for the 2015-2016 academic year.

To learn more, Come Join MEChA de UCLA’s Access project, MEChA Xinachtli at our upcoming infosession.

We are currently serving three sites: Santa Monica High School, Woodrow Wilson High School, and Pico Family Youth Center with Academic and holistic services to our participating Youth.

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