Chican@ History Month: Danzante Por Amor (For the Love of Aztec Dancing) in Minnesota

Chican@ History Month: Danzante Por Amor (For the Love of Aztec Dancing)

Chican@ History Month: Danzante Por Amor (For the Love of Aztec Dancing)


Join us April 29th at 6pm in the Miller Center Auditorium to view Minnesota’s first ever Documentary on Danza Azteca. This is a FREE event to the community! Bring your family and friends.

6pm: Documentary Showing
7:30pm: Community Social with treats and Refreshments followed by Aztec Dancing from Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc.

Danza Azteca (Aztec dancing) is the pre-columbian traditional Mexica/Aztec dancing that have been passed on to generations.

Danza Azteca has become a huge part of many Latina/o, Chicana/o, and Mexican families in Minnesota. Due to acculturation in American society many individuals have found Danza to be a conscious awakening through their path to find their identity.

Our mission is empower the community to find their true identity and hold it with honor. We would like to showcase these traditions that remain alive and how Danza has positively impacted the community.

We introduce the different danza groups within the Twin cities: Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc, Kapulli Yaocenoxtli, Danza Azteca de Concheros Aztlan, Mexica Yolotl, Kapulli Huitzillin, and Kapulli Ketzalcoatlicue.

The characters tell their story how Danza has become a huge part of their journey. Along with learning about the elements within Danza including instruments, costumes, art, music, language, faith, armaments, incense, identity, and the ceremonies.

We are students from St. Cloud State University reaching out to the community through this documentary.

Produced by Adriana Tizcareno and Emilio Ramos De Jesus

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