Fotos y Recuerdos//Paintings by Crystal Galindo in Oakland (4/10/15)

Fotos y Recuerdos//Paintings by Crystal Galindo

Fotos y Recuerdos//Paintings by Crystal Galindo 

Join us for the opening reception of Fotos y Recuerdos with Paintings by Crystal Galindo. Friday, April 10.

Fotos y Recuerdos is a compilation of pieces that represent visibility for Xicanas through fine art. In this exhibit, Galindo captures the images of women who have influenced her throughout her life. As a Xicana and Yaqui in the growing up in the US, the exhibit celebrates the many faces she saw growing up; offering tribute to the music that shaped a generation of Xicanxs through tragedy, love, pride, and loss. One of her biggest inspirations from her childhood was Tejano singer Selena. This show celebrates Selena as well. This year marks twenty years since Selena’s untimely death and it’s the month of her birthday.

Studio Grand is delighted to have Crystal’s work in the space. She represents and expresses a voice in California that is unique to the history of this region and the migration of Mexican and indigenous people. The vibrancy and sentimentality of her work captures the spirit of the people she depicts. Crystal, herself, has generous spirit. Her commitment to celebrating women in her community and cultural icons comes from a deep dedication to uplifting the spirit of a community that has experienced much strife and through that strife remained resilient and beautiful.

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