La Chicanada II

La Chicanada II
before Mexica-Chicano struggle for dignity
for open calm space under south Texas Sun
before el Xikanismo cry for barrio justice
for us high school drop outs before free tacos
on the labor fields & every city street corner
before tequila con limon simon colonized lives
living alone with our protests in silence
before the demise of old San Antonio de Mejico
barrio La Lomita, south San Anto gravel roadway
turned express freeway before wild lobo yelp-
speech midnight canciones turned corrido
Mariachi nortenas y Pedro Infante faded into
rear view mirrors turned north onto Bagley St.
y W. Grand Blvd. Motor City day dreaming
Holy Trinity milagros we teen aged Azatlan
Zapatista selva-tongued rowdies named our
1945 working class projects “Little Mexico”
before a tamale named desire before shadowy
factory vacant teary-eyed layoffs 1975 style
abandoned overhead cranes   rusted dreams
                                                 broken hearts
                                                 broken marriages
                                                 impotent unionism…
                                                  Aztatl X
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