Mexica Visions by Chamuco Cortez and Drew Flores in East Oakland


Mexica Visions!

Mexica Visions!

Mexica Visions
New artwork by Chamuco Cortez + Drew Flores
Saturday April 11th 2015
Danza Azteca Cuauhtonal
Spoken word by Tane
Food by Mo’Shroom Productions

Chamuco Cortez and Drew Flores reinterpret Mexico’s ancient imagery. Each use Aztec and Chicano iconic elements daily in their work as tattoo artists. Drew blends Japanese bold composition and folklore with cholos and their Aztec ancestors. Japanese heroes are adorned with hynas, Pendleton’s and creased khakis. Chamuco heavily influenced by prison tattoos, brings life to stoic carved statues of Ehecatl, God of the wind, Coatlicue, the Earth goddess with soft shading. Chamuco and Drew venerate the art and culture that inspires them so deeply. Please join us on April 11th to celebrate their work.

For information and pricing please contact Amy George Cortez.

Amor Eterno Arte
1227 18th Ave
East Oakland Califas

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