Just Dropped In

Just Dropped In

(just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in the U.$. Air Force where I served with pride no apology – recruits’ in basic training & prisoners in the Base Stockade understood the terminology)

1.      police up the area !

in a  huff !   huff !   huff !

kill !   kill !   kill !

bury/salute the cockroach

we found in your locker

with the evening taps


roadside weeds

chop !  chop !  chop !


you chain gang

sorry !  sorry !  sorry !

mama’s boys


2.       bow !  wow  !  wow !

Pavlov  !  Pavlov  !  Pavlov  !

raw  !  raw  !  raw  !  meat for you


police up the area  !

ferguson  !  ferguson  !  ferguson  !

Mo  !  Mo  !  Mo  !

Washington white wash by

po  –  po  !    po  –  po  !    po  –  poop  !

say  so !     so  !     so  !


3.       squeaky !  squeaky !  squeaky  !  clean

serve your time dead cockroach

serve your country with apology


file getting heavy compadre

find no breach of righteousness

except for contraband fry bread monopoly

there be none to be found ese …


sumptin’  sumptin’  sumptin’

smell  !   smell  !   stink  !

of pork  !   pork  !

pork chicharones  !

’round here !!  here  !!  here  !!


Aztatl X – 2015

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